Why Ruweng Biemnom Community Leaders are ought to stop Mr.Thongjang from his campaign for the name of Biemnom.


Why Ruweng Biemnom community leaders are ought to stop Mr Thongjang from his campaign in the name of Biemnom.

Biemnom is an entity community and is a further sub division of Jieng community which is comprising of Rek (number of sectionals community inhabiting former greater Warap State), Combination of Malual Giernyang communities in Awiel (Former Northern Barh el Gazal ) Greater lake State (Agaar, Gok Arol Kachuol and greater Yirol) Greater Bor (Twic east ,Nyarweng, Hol Pan Mabur and Bor South) and finally Padang community which comprises of Northern upper Nile, Central Upper Nile and the current Ruweng State which is the main focal point for mr Thongjang facebook live video campaign against our cousins in panaruu.

Well to Bring mr Thongjang to his Attention and be aware that Ruweng Biemnom community is a community with her political,intellectual, traditional and students leaders who have obligations to speak on what is affecting community are on theirs strong and unshakable feet.and they are not cowards as he might referred to speak out louder on the issues concerning their community affairs and they are not afraid of any danger that may come after ward.

Mr ThongJang what you are doing is off course in the interest of some of your friends but mind you not that is not going well with some of Biemnom citizens interest.
Due to the following reasons and facts.

1. You have bypassed your intellectual and humanitarian campaign rights as well as civil rights concerns.

2. You must make sure that what you are doing portray Biemnom people of not knowing what is their rights and you want to put your self as a potential person to fight their rights from the injustice they face from their cousins Panaruu in the current Ruweng state if any.
3. you want to tell South Sudanese in general and Ruweng Biemnom community in particular that they didn’t know what they were doing went they accepted presidential decree establishment order number 36/2015 AD for the creation of new states of South Sudan that combined Ruweng Biemnom community with their cousins in Parieng under the current Ruweng state.

4.You want to tell the Biemnom sons and daughters who are vying for Ruweng State governorship of the person of Simon Mayiik Nyok Manykuer Awijak, Arop Turuk Kona, Arop Malual Dharchep, And so forth that they do not know what they are doing and they are not intellectual enough to be governors of Ruweng State that encompasses both Biemnom and Panaruu and to correct the faults done by the already risen governors from Panaruu sections of Awet (Diar (Mayol), (Aniek(Them michar) and Sankara Deng (Kuok) who have nothing to blame because he never formed a government of his own in Ruweng state to Judge him how fair and justice he is!

5. You want to tell us Ruweng Biemnom sons who joined hands with our cousins in Panaruu since 2006 to partitions office of the President of the then government of Autonomous Southern Sudan President Gen. Kiir Mayardit to place us under presidency if not special Administration then being in Unity State under dormant of our cousins Nuer in Unity State who were the nightmare for our local population in both Biemnom and Panaruu and the president kept turning down our request in lieu that he was aware of many South Sudanese who were disappointed with their respective states and he had no power to consider Ruweng demands over other Areas who were asking for the similar demands, and again after independent president kept ignoring our leaders till when your long term commander Riek Machar created what he so called 21 states, which will remain an elusion to him for the rest of his life. That leaved president Kiir with no options then to give everyone their rights as far as their interest concerns.

6.furthermore Mr Thongjang is lying too much on the history of Ruweng Biemnom community, he talked of the chief of Ruweng Biemnom community who was detained in Khordufan to be My late uncle Kamilo Kuot Kur Kuot Makuach kur Angok Wouch Loi Ayuel, he didn’t know that many leaders had risen in Biemnom as chiefs before my late uncle Kamilo Kuot and the person that was detained in Kadugali was mr Mayany Ador (RIP) till his death he never returned back to Biemnom before Kamilo kuot was Borne neither his mother was married who happened to be from Twic mayardit Akuar Lang Juuk (my late grandma Ayaat Juuk),per his historical claim the then overall chiefs of six sectionals Ruweng Biemnom communities was Kuot Awijak Who gave birth to Chol kuot and Chol Gave birth to his Son Awijak before Kamilo kuot biological father Kur kuot came at the top of community affairs as many referred Biemnom people Now as Aloor Kur Kuot , if you had happened to lived in Bentiu you might had came across him.(Late Awijak Chol Kuot)

7. Panaruu sons and daughters are feeling specious of us being a driving force behind mr Thongjang campaign against them at this time whom they might consider a critical time for them and the fact that they might perceive us incapable of being people leaders and students who tomorrow become a leaders of the same community mr Thongjang is claiming to be fighting for their rights ,and a community governs by rules of laws and people who are led my sound minded leaders ,intellectual and students who are the eyes and ears of our local population back home in Biemnom, we need to stop mr Thongjang right away and if he have an axe to grind with Panaruu sons and daughters he is free to create for himself a new slogan apart from his Nyandeng exposing analyst in the name of Biemnom and put Nyandeng exposing analysts…… minus Biemnom. He is not a spokesperson for Biemnom nor do I but, I felt obligated to speak on my personal capacity asking my Biemnom community leaders to stop him from going further.

Mr Thongjang I had joined his live Facebook Video show trying to stop him and give him a break if he was really a civil rights activist but he could not give me time to speak what I know. It came to my conclusion that he is a troublemaker and he wanted to fit us against our cousins in Panaruu of whom he had misunderstandings with their son and daughter as he concurrently mentioned their names .(withhold for legal reasons)

For mr Thongjang attention we as sons and daughters of Biemnom we did accepted to be in one administration as Ruweng state with our brothers and sisters in Panaruu despite of any differences or thoughts over the Name Ruweng . We as Biemnom sons and daughters have an obligation and legal rights to face Panaruu sons and daughters whatever circumstance and dangers. We fear no volcano nor any earthquake, or mountains that may stand on our way,we have our own land and our kins in Panaruu have their land whom they are proud of her as do we in Biemnom. We had gone to school and we have leaders both traditionally and intellectually who are capable to speak on our affairs not to hired you to speak on their behalf.

Biemnom community is well recognized in the supreme constitution of The Republic of South Sudan with legal rights to sue and drag any person who might temper with their legacy including Biemnom sons and daughters who may go contrary to their norms in the competence courts of civil rights in South Sudan or around the world. The universe is turning around as you are aware of the scientific and historical facts which stated that there is no any living thing that lives forever and no everlasting kingdom, the America you are living in now as paradise might become a hell tomorrow you never know. We are building our paradise and Panaruu and Biemnom are not exceptional from this paradigm South Sudan we are trying to build.

I ought Panaruu sons and daughters to stop attending to Thongjang propaganda campaign and stop responding to him in live video shows and if there’s one to two Biemnom sons and daughters whom you caught red handed to be collaborators of Thongjang , I kindly asked you to treat them in isolation and stop generalizing Biemnom sons and daughters for what they do not know what is really driving them to collaborate with Thongjang.

We are in conflicting interest and we know when your interest is threatened , you by virtually become at opposite sides (rebellion in modern terms) we need to come together and stop escalating the situation to go viral and give mr Thongjang a sharpest teeth to beat us.and other enemies of ours who could be paying eagles eyes on us to mark his or her targets to break us apart

Thanks you very much, the writer is a Biemnom student union member and Biemnom youth member , the words here are completely own by him
He is a student perusing (fourth year)Bachelor of Sciences (Bsc) in Electronic Engineering Nanjing university of sciences and technology Nanjing China
Any concerns person can reach him through
makatthor@yahoo.com or makatthor0954@gmail.com.Tel: +8615601591878


  1. That’s wonderful Makat Thor. This is a condemnation I had expected. We wish ThongJang got it. These elements from Twic Miyardit are not comparable to Ruweng in anything other than dishonesty.


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