The Eulogy of Major General, uncle Thonlual Amuor Dengageer



Thon was born in the summer time of July 1954 in his small village of Nyioh in Lake No county of present day Ruweng state to Amuor Deng Alhor Diar Deng Akol Chol (father) and Nyibol Chooch Gaach Kiir Bul (mother). Thon’s father is a polygamous man married to three wives:

1) Nyibol Chooch Gaach from Bibiok, Pachak sub-section being the first wife and a mother to Achol (the mother to popular musician Banywal, Marko Wal and the rest),Thon himself, Mijak, Nyok, Abui (my mummy), Tou, Nyanluak, Jany and Monyluak (the former county commissioner of Lake No) being the last born.
2) Ayual Bany Deng Kuanchigook from Kuocgoor, Palooi sub-section, the second wife and a mother to Nyanjok/Nyanayul
3) Riopiny Deng Miakuei from Bibiok, Pajuong sub-section being the third wife and a mother to Thonrwek, Nyawid, Mayaak and Aguek.

Thon have three sisters happily married as follows:

1) Achol married to Wal Michar Kon in their own section of Bibiok, Wetkiir, Kondit family
2) Abui married to Wuor Ador Miading from Buga da Ang’au, Manayak clan, dhiene Kechnaa, pan Anoon.
3) Nyanjok married to Santino Juaach Mayiik Kiir from Buga da Ang’au, dhien Amaal, pan Tongker.
The other two,Nyawid and Aguek are still at tender age while Nyanluak passed while she was a kid. The five brothers to Thon are married as follows:

1) Mijak married Nyaneng’ap Minyiel Tut from Bibiok, Pajuong, dhien Achuoth and Nyanang Mijak Dengbuny from Kuocgoor, Pameel, dhiene Khooch
2) Nyok married Nyantuu Lang Khooch from Bibiok, Pathiaang sub-section
3) Tou married Ang’er Chol from Bibiok, Palek clan
4) Jany married Nyibol Mijak Kondit from Bibiok, Wetkiir, Kondit de Miathiang family
5) Monyluak the former commissioner of Lake No county married Ator Chol from Paweny-Atar, Aniek section.
The two brothers, Thonrwek and Mayaak are still young.
Brigadier General Thon had seventeen paternal uncles and five aunts, these are Miakol Deng, Miaker Deng, Ayoom Deng, Diar Deng, Mayiikbilger Deng, Miakuei Deng, Tor Deng, Achut Deng, Monyjok Deng, Cholguor Deng, Miarial Deng, Kat Deng, Cholweng Deng, Monyayul Deng, Mayiikabop Deng, Mijok Deng and the two officers of Anyanya 1, Nyongyom Deng and Arop Deng while the five aunts are Nyankoiweng Deng, Nyanyiik Deng (the wife to Wurok Bilkuei), Achol Deng, Ajok Deng and Alek Deng.

On his mom side, Thon has two uncles and four aunts, these are Panom de Chooch and Wai de Chooch whereas the aunts are Adut Chooch also known as Adunnyau),Ayom Chooch, Apam Chooch and Achoch de Chooch.
Thon joined the initiation (geer) of Anyar age-set in 1972 with his younger brother, Mijak and become a senior member (tuut), a position that mandated a member to make decisions and speak on behalf of the age-set as approve by Ruweng cultural heritage. His initiation took place in his maternal home of Biu, the current county headquarter of Lake No as accustom to Pachak family of BulYiek/pan Atewa which required sons of their daughters to be initiate in their hands. They were later on graduated and released after performance of several rituals by the spiritual spear master, paramount chief, Miakuen Bilkuei Duom Bul, a uncle to his mom.The fact that he was a son of pachak daughter alienated Thonlual and his brother from his cousins and uncles who were at the same age with with him such as Miabek Miaker and his brother Nyuop Miaker, his uncle Mayiikabop Deng, his uncle Tut Mialual Diar and his brother Major General Miabil Mialual Diar their cousin, Thon kuol Diar and Maleny Mayiik Mayol who were initiated in their home village of Nyioh.

As a second born child and a first son of Amuor Dengageer, Thon took the bull name of the first son (kindit). His bull name was dhuoken/dhuoyar commonly known to most of his agemates “tim de ken “ or miakendit. Thon was known by most of his relatives as Thonadol especially the members of Lian clan where he originated from.During the period after his initiation in mid 1970s, he introduced civilizations such as clothes, mosquito nets and he bought cooking utensils like sufurias from Khartoum to most of his relatives and discouraged the use of traditional cooking pots.Thon use to travel to Lubes and Khartoum during the dry season that is where he developed the hatred and dislike for black marginalization and oppression by the Arabs.

In 1979 after the death of popular spear master, paramount chief Miakuen Bilkuei, the Anyar age set had a conflict with Nuer normads which tried to siege a fertile pasture and cattle camp called Biongchol. Thon and most of his fierce age-set of Anyar dispersed them by declaring a battle though their weaponswere spears and sticks but the enemies had supplied of weapons from their elites who were by then the militias of Anyanya 2.
After his participation in several youthful activities, he married his first wife, Ayen Leknyang Dengamuor from Kuochgoor section dhiene Giling in 1982 who gave birth to his first born son in 1984 when Thon was in Jekou battle field.

General Thonlual Amuor joined the SPLA in 1983 as a loyal trainee of Koryom battalion-katiba bilpam with many other sons of Ruweng that left their homes to pursue the agenda of liberty. It was due to resilience and bravery of these Ruweng sons that encouraged Kerbino kuanyin Bol to renamed himself “Mangok”. Thon happened to be among the sons of Ruweng that survived the Apocalyptic Martyrdom at Jekou battle field. He had by then undertook training in medical perspectives such dressing up wounds injections and working on bone fractures of injured soldiers at the front lines.

Thon was among the first group led by first lieutenant, Kiir Deng Mut who left Bongo to rescued the civil population of panrieng who were being terrorize by Muraleen/Ajairi, a heavily armed Arab nomadic pastoralists whose target was none other than extermination of Ruweng people at the border. This group reached home and went straight to Babanusa, a town north of Abyei and conducted thorough operation which ended the life of Mohammed Areh who was a leader of those Arab nomadic pastoralist they even cleared Arabs in Panrieng town and killed Rekdhala, and Arab traders.

He served in Panrieng as a military doctor with a rank of second lieutenant until the end of 1991 when he was accused of supporting DrRiek’s Nasir Declaration. Most people including Captain Simon Ngor Choch were taken to Jubal Nuba for detention but Thon and other military officers whose lives were in critical condition such as the likes of of Monyluak Biem Ngor, Kuot Miabek Aleu, Gamtong Khooch Gamtong, Juach Deng Juach, Miakuei Kiir Miakuei and many others fled to Bentiu which probe more safe for them. It cost Amuor Deng’s herd of cattle to pay for the defection of his son.

Being a man of practicality, his skill in drug prescription and injection promoted him to the senior rank when he was in Bentiu and later transferred to Nyadio outside Bentiu to take care of the war casualties during the Nuer internal dispute. He rescued civilians that were targeted in Duar mission hospital on the basis of ethnicity in 1994. In the same year, Thon delegated Kuot Miabek Aleu to send a task force comprising of Ruweng sons to free the Dinkas that were being butchered by ruthless militias of Matip Nhial between Mayom and Rubkona most of these people were from Abiemnom.

In 1997, Thon together with Major General Mayiik Michar disagreed with Galuak Amach and Paulino Matip for raiding civilians livestocks and setting their crop farms on fire.
Thon and his colleague Monyluak Biem mobilized for a dialogue in 1999 and 2000 with officials of SPLA such Miabek Lang, the current deputy governor for Ruweng state who was a Captain by that time, Major General Deng Mayiik Mei and Panthou Deng who were alternate commanders at that time. Uncle Thon called for that inter-neighborhood peace to facilitate easier movement of people and goods across Jikeny-Leek and Ruweng territories. Though the peace was meant for cessation of hostilities, some elements within Ruweng politicized it and they created commotion which claimed the life of commander Luba Diar Mijok, alternate commander Mayiikabop Dengageer, Thon’s uncle and many others. That peace with Nuer remain vibrant until the CPA was signed in 2005
He was appointed the commissioner of Kuergeng, a county which combined both Leek and Jikeny Nuer as one before the CPA.

He was called to Juba in 2006 and subjected to scrutiny but after his confirmation as a member of Koryom battalion and as a second lieutenant before defection, he was given the rank of colonel with six stars on his shoulder then deployed to division two to deputize late Abraham Jongror his barrack headquarters were in Kapoeta where he operated from 2009 to 2012 before he was transfer to Yei in 2013 where he was almost kill be Gatkek Gadet who was defecting after the failed coup. Thon was again transferred to Magiri where he was in charge of the administration of the entire Equatoria region in 2014 to 2015 before going to Malakal where his sickness began in 2016. The photos below were taken when he was in Kapoeta.

Major General Thonlual Amuor was flown back to Juba in a military chopper in 2016 to access medical services but after fruitless effort by his doctors, the government planned to send him to India which didn’t work in time so he decided to visit Panrieng because of his love for the people he missed so dearly while over staying in Equatoria.
Uncle Thon had struggled with this sickness which was associated with psychological trauma caused by the death of his first born son, Bith who passed in January of 2012 leaving behind a widow and a grandson, Abui is currently seven years old. Uncle took permission and made a short visit to Ruweng in the same month to combine the funeral services of his father Amuor Deng, who passed in 2010 at the age of 88 years with that of his son, Bith in a single ceremony as recommended by Panaruu custom. This mental illness has tormented him time and again but was not devastating as compared to last year.
On the night of Thursday 15th of November 2018, in his birth place of Nyioh, uncle Thon couldn’t make it to survival any longer and his relatives came together and laid his body to rest in his father’s compound.

Like his father, Thon is a polygamous married man to the following;
1) Ayen Leknyang Dengamuor from Kuocgoor dhiene Giling, the first wife and a mother to Bith, Nyaboch ( wife to Abui Riang Miaker currently in Denison Iowa state) and Monykong
2) Nyanebany Miabil Dhuoth from Bibiok, Pathiang and a mother to Nyaamah, Thonyom and Nyanatin
3) Abui Kuol Nyuop from Tungdiak, Ametcha and a mother to Nyok
4) Achol Arop from Bibiok, Wetkiir and a mother to Chang’ath
5) Nyaker Dak from Jikeny-Nuer and a mother to Adhieu and Deng
6) Nyanriak Chol Ayoom from Agany, Pariak and a mother to Amuor.

Other than the legacies that Thon had done to our nation and the movement, he had played a very effective role at his extended family level because of his kind heart. Thon had paid the bride price for most people in his clan of Lian and the family of Dengageer.
When he was in Bentiu, he had advised Panaruu young men that had left Panrieng to work as casual and manual laborers to go to schools in order to secure a better place in the society. The man is well known for his generosity andgood listening habit, a quality that is admirable in a contemporary society.

Uncle, I know I owed you a lot and I felt bitter that you left before I could say thank you but if God of all creations sees the good deeds you did, then he should remember you in his Kingdom.

I recalled my childhood days when you use to inject me with penicillin medicine, I could cry so terrible and blame you for inflicting pain on me because am not your child yet you were in real sense saving my life, how naïve was I!!!! I wishes I could find time to apologize to you but 19 yearsapart has implicated into your ultimate journey. The caring spirit of a brother was seen in youwhen you took your sister, Abui/mama to Leer mission hospital in 1993 when she was infected by Kanazaar which claimed her life, is understood that life is in the hand of God so all in all the love you had for mommy was real and genuine. Please tell mom that am a grown up gentleman and ready to change this world to the better and tell dad, your fallen comrade that we have been forgotten by Kiir Mayar and the rest whom you had left to be your living testimony.

May your merciful soul rest in eternal peace, wen AMUOR DHUOPER.

By, Koch Wuor


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