President Kiir Directive for Activating Border with Sudan


President Kiir Gives Directive for Activating Border with Sudan

The President of the newly made South Sudan, Salva Kiir has given directives to the governors and tribal leaders from the different states that border with Sudan to start acting on the agreement to cooperate with their neighbors, especially the operational aspects of the demilitarized zone.

The 16th of October saw President Kiir hold a meeting with the governors, his advisers, senior officials from the police and the defence officials along with the tribal leaders in border areas. The press unit for the South Sudanese President stated that Salva Kiir wants updates on the operational proceedings on the security arrangement. There was an emphasis on the progress when it came to the demilitarization of the buffer zone between the countries.

The President encouraged the governors and the tribal leaders from the bordering states in the country to work together with the national government in order to properly act on the agreement that they have come to with the government of Sudan.

Since the creation of South Sudan, there have been a lot of issues between the two countries and this agreement has been a major step in repairing ties between the sister countries. The agreement, signed on the 27th of September in 2012, aimed at stopping the flow of weapons across the border to supply rebel groups in both countries. This deal was signed so that the two countries can establish a centerline and a buffer zone within the border with 10 km on either side of the center point.

The discussions of the border demarcation are still going on and while it was agreed that the security agreement will only define the separation of the military forces of both countries, there has been some hesitation on the part of South Sudan. This is because the centerline will pass through some of the contested areas in the border demarcation and there is fear that the centerline will be seen as the finalized location of the border between the sister nations.

All the trivialities aside, this agreement and implementing it is going to be necessary for the two countries to coexist peacefully in the future.

By: Senior Editor

Athoi D Monyjok


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