New Capital City In South Sudan Location Ramciel on the Way


South Sudan has had plans to make a new capital city, which will be located in a former game park. The current capital, Juba, happens to be close to their border. Strategically speaking, the capital is not supposed to be so close to the national borders of a country. In a bid to create a capital in a central location that is easily accessible to everyone in the country, the plan that was proposed to create a new city in what used to be a wildlife park is now underway.

Named Ramciel, the new capital city will be geared to make the seat of government more accessible to the people of the country. The former wildlife park, which will now become the city of Ramciel once construction is complete, is located in the Lakes state. It will be built in an area that used to be a Rhino sanctuary.

The land which will become the new capital for South Sudan has been uninhabited. That makes it a good place to build a capital city from the start. Considering the fact that the area also lacks any and all basic infrastructure, such as electricity and roads, making the new capital is going to be more than just a challenge.

While the largest challenge yet was to get a plan in place and approve it for implementation, funding has been arranged to get the project underway. South Korea will be taking on the project of constructing the new capital city for South Sudan and the initial funding is being provided by Morocco, estimated at around $5 million US dollars.

These plans have been a matter of discussion since before South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in 2011. This goes to say that the formation of Ramciel has been a long time coming. The expertise of South Korean engineers is expected to help create a more strategically sound capital for the fledgling state.

By Athoi D. Monyjok


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