New Apple Watch Might Becomes part of Wearable Heart Devices in Future.



The new fourth generation Apple Watch goes well beyond just counting the number of steps t you take and measuring your heart rate. The recently unveiled new device has an electrocardiogram aka and ECG app that can actually make note of heart problems that can easily be overlooked by otherwise simpler devices. This means it has the ability to detect the abnormalities that can lead to heart attacks. In fact, if you actually happen to fall ill due to heart problems, the Apple Watch will take it upon itself to notify the proper medical professionals in your vicinity to notify them of the problem. This is due to the fall detector that has been built into the Apple Watch Series 4 by the company. It will serve as an intelligent guardian for your health according to Jeff Williams, the CEO of Apple.

Williams has been taking pride in the fact that the new Apple Watch Series 4 has the advanced heart rate sensor which has been paired with the app to allow it to take an ECG. It will be able to determine all within a total of 30 second whether the wearer’s heart is beating normally or if there is any atrial fibrillation.

This makes for a very convenient way to detect the signs of atrial fibrillation since it serves as a single lead ECG device. The more traditional ECG devices used clinically require a total of twelve leads that are attached to different parts of the body and the limbs.

The ECG data obtained by the Apple Watch Series 4 are going to be stored within the Health app that has been built into the watch and you have the option of sharing it with your doctors. It presents an unprecedented set of opportunities to better monitor your health proactively. The ability that it has to measure the heart problems that might come and go.

Consider someone who felt dizzy in the morning but normal later in the day. Instead of just wondering whether that dizziness was something to be concerned about, the data from your heart during the time of concern will have been measured and stored on the Apple Watch Series 4’s Health app. Sharing it with your doctor will allow both of you to save a lot of precious time if it is indeed something to be worried about.

There is no doubt about the fact that the New Apple Watch Series 4 has opened the doorway for wearable devices that can be crucial for monitoring your health in the future.


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