Kuocgoor Community Association Fundraising in Nairobi, Kenya


Kuocgoor Community Association.

From: Miaker de Lueth

Kuocgoor Community Association

Nairobi, Kenya.

To: Padang North America: Wilson Thonakur de Lual

Vice President of Padang Jieeng North America: Mayiik de Deng

Ruweng Interim President North America: Samuel Kur

PICC President of Panaruu Diaspora: Monyjiek de Mijak

PCA-Australia: Isaac Bith de Haar de Deng

PCA-Canada: Monyluak de Mijang da Arop

PCA-US of America: Luka Miaper de Buga.

Cc: 12 Panaruu Sectional/Payam/County Leaders.


Ref: Invitation to Panaruu, Ruweng and Padang Diaspora Leaders


Dear Presidents (Donors),

My name is Miaker de Lueth, the chairman of the Kuocgoor Community Association in Kenya. I am looking to raise $100,000 to remedy and support the cause of Ruweng State Environmental Pollution which had severely taken heavy death tolls on Ruweng civil populations and their livestock as the tragic, consequential results of the contaminated water sources, soil and air pollution triggered by the toxic oil chemical in Ruweng State. The negative effects of the oil pollutions in Ruweng State are the prevalent reports of the pregnant women giving births to deformed infants, rampant blindness, skin-dryness, frequent pregnant-women miscarriages, and cancerous and respiratory diseases. The severe level of the pollution had also extremely affected the fertile soil and water which led to massive cattle deaths.

Therefore, the fundraising efforts will enable us to erect the makeshift clinical facilities including the veterinary dispensary if not the world-class equipped hospital to save the lives of the vulnerable civil populations and their livestock.  The goal will impact the sustainable overall health beings of Ruweng civil populations and South Sudanese at large.

I am inviting you to Kuocgoor Global Fundraising (KGF) which will be held at Kasarani Stadium Safaricom in Nairobi, Kenya on December 8th, 2018. Be reassured that all the money raise during the event will go toward the construction of the clinical facilities and clean-drinking water pumps in Jamjang County. If you would like to attend the Kuocgoor Global Fundraising event, please contact me and my organizing fundraising committee designated to collect the prospective donations in Diaspora under the Kuocgoor Diaspora Federation Union under the Presidency of Chen de Nuoi.

Thank you in advance for your contributions. Your generous donations and supports mean the world to the indigenous civil populations of Ruweng affected by the oil pollution. Contact the following designated KGF Fundraising Committee in Diaspora exclusively in Diaspora under my authorization.

If you are the donors who reside in United States of America, Canada and Australia, please kindly direct your generous donations to the following persons or any nearest persons whom you know from Kuocgoor who can deliver and forward your contributions confidently.

  1. Contact Nyibol de Mayiik if you are residing in USA Phone: 402-601-3494
  2. Contact Atiep de Mijak and Nyanebiem Nyok in Canada Phone: 403-863-8677
  3. Contact Angelina Ayen Dau in Perth and Nyanthon de Miarial in Melbourne, Australia. Ayen de Dau +61 422 016 432, Nyanthon in Melbourne +61 0469 854 975.
  4. Kuocgoor Diaspora Federation Union President, Chen Nuoi at +61 0444 513 548


Miaker de Lueth, the Kuocgoor Community Association (KCA)-Kenya President.

Contact me at email miakerluethchoch@gmail.com

Phone Number at: +254-713-710-809 Nairobi, Kenya


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