Formation of Ruweng State Task Force Boundary Steering Commission


Formation of the Ruweng State Task Force Boundary Steering Commission.

Dear Ruweng State leaders and citizens,

With due sense of fierce urgency, we need to form the Ruweng State Special Commission as the Task Force to scramble and respond to the territorial dispute challenge which is now filed against the Ruweng State territorial integrity by the Nuer Leek and Jikeny according to the IBC identified areas of the territorial disputes in South Sudan.

The Special Committee for the Ruweng State Boundary Steering Commission shall be tasked with the responsibility of collecting, compiling and drafting the critical information based on hard facts to be incorporated into an authentic Ruweng State Position Paper Document based on our indigenous territorial history heritage and historical integrity of lands.

Secondly, the Ruweng State Special Committee shall also be charged with the mission to lobby and advocate the Pres. Salva Kiir Miyardit to consider one of the gubernatorial Ruweng officials to be appointed as the member of the Independent Boundaries Commission (IBC)15 members of whom five members are going to be appointed by Kiir Miyar or the SPLM IG Party. Therefore, among these 5 members to be appointed by the SPLM IG, Ruweng State must petition Salva Kiir to consider the appointment of Ruweng son to encounter/confront the challenges made by Leek/Jikeny against the Ruweng State. Ruweng will feels more represented too if one of Padang son or daughter is also appointed from the other Padang States, but they must be equipped with the proper documents drafted and authenticated by the traditional historians, elders and chiefs of the Ruweng based on historical facts.

Therefore, fellow citizens, our leaders need to make a swift response now with urgency before it is too late. FVP Taban and his Leek/Jikeny Nuer are prepared and loaded to challenge Ruweng State, and now the ball is in your court folks on the ground in Juba and Panrieng to take a proactive countermeasure policies in weighing and assessing our responses to debunk and counterargue them.

As per my suggestion, we would propose that Hon. Benjamin Mijak Dau and Molana Tiob de Monyluak, Theje de Aduot, and Mayiik de Nyok be appointed to represent the Ruweng to the IBC team.

In summary, the proposed names above shall be mandated to meet with all our senior elders, paramount chiefs and traditional historians and all the leaders of the communities to collect, draft and compile all the hard facts prior to the launching and activation of the Ruweng State Special Boundary Steering Commission (RSSBSC) to forward the final communique for the Ruweng State to the 15 IBC Board Members.

Please act now and let us see this issue being challenged with the urgency without procrastination/hesitation.

Best regards,
Concerned Ruweng Citizens’ Voices.


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