Christmas Celebration in Aliny County of Ruweng State


As the rest of the world celebrated Christmas, the fledgling nation of South Sudan was not able to enjoy it to its heart’s extent. On the joyous day of the birth of Lord Jesus, people in South Sudan continued to live in fear. Among those particularly targeted were the peace-loving community that live in Aliny County. Subjected to unnecessary violence from the Nuer criminals that arrived from Bentiu, the Christmas celebrations for the people of Aliny County were cut short.

The criminals attacked two different cattle camps in Athony Village and Panakamel on Dec 24, marring the Christmas celebrations of 2018 with yet another cattle raid. As bad as the theft of cattle was, the Nuer criminals from Bentiu also fired at the owners of one of the cattle they raided. Two people sustained horrific injuries as a result of the firing.

Two young men from Aliny County went after the criminals in a bid to get back the cattle that they had stolen. For the longest time, nobody could find where the two brave young men were. One of the two young men was found hours later, allegedly killed by the Nuer criminals as he caught up with them. At the time of reporting, the whereabouts of the second young man are not yet known. It is feared that he might have been killed by the criminals as well. In another incident that happened in Bongki County headquarters, Arab nomads from Sudan raided several herds of cows.

While the world has been told a completely different story where Christmas celebrations seemingly went on without a hitch, the people of South Sudan are still suffering. The people of Aliny County have not received any coverage from the media nor have they seen any consoling remarks or even acknowledgement from the State Government. While the government of South Sudan promised to maintain a peaceful situation in the country through the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations in the nation, they have failed to do so. What is even worse is the fact that the media has reported a completely different story to the world in comparison to what had actually happened.

It remains to be seen if the government can at least keep part of its promise by making sure that the New Year’s celebrations are a peaceful affair.

By Athoi D. Monyjok


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