An Open Petition of Advocacy to the Jau County Commissioner and Ruweng State Governor; Reinstatement Appeal Letter


An Open Petition of Advocacy to the Jau County Commissioner and Ruweng State Governor; Reinstatement Appeal Letter!

Subject: Reinstatement of Job Applicants
To: Honorable Commissioner & Governor

As a matter of the recent development, which had surfaced as an alarming issue from the Jau County, pertaining to the segregative employment practice, this selective action is virulently divisive and polarizing to the integrity and unity of Ruweng State people generally.

Honorable County Commissioner of Jau, David Kat Kur, the controversial issuance you had declared against the legitimate selection, hiring, decision and action of the Samaritan Purse in unemploying the qualified and favorite job applicants was a discriminatory breach and a blatant violation of the South Sudan Labor Laws. Thus, your action was illegal against the constitutional rights of those applicants.

Secondly, Hon. Gov. Them de Micar, I would like to recognize and commend you for the immediate action you had taken to swiftly condemn the belittling, unconstitutional act of the Jau County Commissioner for having segregated the job applicants from the other counties who were hired by the Samaritan Purse after they passed both written and oral interviews in Yida, Jau County Ruweng State. However, mister Governor, the act of your gubernatorial condemnation of the Jau County Commissioner’s divisive action was not enough to resolve this discriminatory order. Therefore, an action is needed to be taken to prevent the future course of the similar malpractice and mismanagement of the standard labor laws in Ruweng State.

Moreover, this is not the first of its kind and many allegations of the segregation and discrimination on employment/job opportunities in Ruweng State had been reported in the past years. Today, it is right time to take the corrective action to reverse and remedy the rampant, unlawful practices and management which are illegally institutionalized by some County authorities and administrators in Ruweng State generally once and for all.

Conclusion & Recommendation: In order to restore the system of constitutional compliance, accountability, transparency and trust in your governorship tenure as the Governor of Ruweng State, and to maintain the integrity, unity, generosity, and rules of law in Ruweng Statewide county, it is incumbent upon you as the Ruweng State Governor and Jau County Commissioner to simultaneously take an urgent action in the swift reinstatement of the victimized job applicants to their designated qualified vacancies as they were administratively offered the jobs and hired by the Samaritan Purse.

Hon. Governor Them de Micar and Hon. Commissioner, David Kat Kur, taking this credible recommendation will probably serves your leadership image, dignity and legacy for future references as the noble leaders in Ruweng State History. Finally, it will also normalize the sanity, decency, trust, and sanctity of constitutionality or lawfulness in honoring our national and state Constitutions in all counties.

Thank you in advance for putting this open advocacy into your consideration. Your mutual cooperation and action will be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,
Sirik Lang Mijak,
An Independent Activist/Advocate.


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