9 Security Personnel Killed in Tragic Road Accident Ruweng State


A tragic accident took place in Ruweng this past Saturday. A vehicle carrying sixteen personnel from the National Security crashed into a truck in Ruweng State on 22, December, 2018. Nine of the National Security personnel died on the spot, while seven officials suffered heavy injuries in the accident.

Makuac Deng Makuac, the minister of the local government in the State of Ruweng told Radio Tamazuj on Monday, December 24, that the accident occurred because of reckless driving. It is being reported that the driver of the National Security vehicle was driving at recklessly high speeds when he crashed his vehicle into a truck that was driving on the same road. There seems to be no foul play involved.

Government officials released a statement saying that the vehicle was carrying National Security personnel from the oilfields in Athony. The seven security personnel that got injured in the accident were flown over to the Capital of South Sudan, Juba in order to receive treatments for their injuries. The seven security personnel that were flown to Juba seem to be in a stable state and there have been no reports of any further casualties among their numbers.

Makuac Deng Makuac also mentioned that the accident which took the lives of 9 National Security personnel took place in the afternoon around 2:30 pm local time.

By Athoi D. Monyjok


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